Results within the CEVOLVER project

The results within the CEVOLVER project have been divided in 8 different categories, please click the category to view the available reports.
Most of the reports are confidential (CO), in those cases only a public summary is available, which can be quite short.

    1. Setting the scene for a connected energy and thermal management concept
    2. Frameworks, methodologies, models and tools for optimisation of the electric and thermal management and assessment of connected EVs
    3. System and component testing using an EV prototype component carrier
    4. System development, vehicle, upgrade design and build and demonstration of a FORD EV
    5. System and component testing and demonstration using a CRF vehicle
    6. Validation and verification of the demonstrators and assessment of the energy and thermal management optimisation framework and methodology
    7. Communication, dissemination, and preparative exploitation activities
    8. Project management and coordination
    9. Ethics requirements

Published Results

1. Setting the scene for a connected energy and thermal management concept

7. Communication, dissemination, and preparative exploitation activities

  • Short description of the setup of the dissemination tools by UNR (PU)
    The launch of a public project website, accessible for the general public. A very short report will be uploaded with some key elements of the website and the dissemination tools.
  • Dissemination Plan by UNR (PU)
    A report describing het initial disseminaiton plan, including a list of expected dissemination actions for the whole project duration and shortly after. This list will be a “living” document throughout the project.

8. Project management and coordination

  • Project Handbook by UNR (CO)
    Project management handbook including first draft of the quality assurance and risk management plan. The document will present the detailed work plan and guidelines for partners. It includes a schedule per task, responsible partner, related subtasks, related deliverables, and dependencies on other tasks. Revisions may be done in the course of the project.
  • Initial Risk Plan by FEV (CO)
    An inital risk managment plan will be uploaded as report to the system, inlcuding the list of expected risks (as foreseen in the project) and if applicable extended with additional (unforeseen) risks. All-in line with the format of the risks register in the EC system.
  • Data Management Plan by FEV (CO)
    A report describes the data management lifecycle for all datasets which are collected, processed or generated within
    the project.

9. Ethics requirements

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