i2m Unternehmensentwicklung GmbH

I2M is a technology and business development consultancy based in Graz, Austria. The company develops and markets its own technology intensive products and also supports its clients developing and marketing their products.

Bringing results of research as well as concept development with national and international partners from industry and research, with a cooperative approach, to market maturity is one of the strengths of i2m. The resulting products and services have marked competitive advantages and are characterized by reduced development costs and short development times.

Tasks of I2M the CEVOLVER project:

i2m will support the design and development of the proposed simulation framework in WP2 in order to ensure the availability of the required component models and the integration of the developed models into the full system thermal management. Furthermore i2m will develop and manufacture the required functional prototype of the thermal energy storage device for the EV prototype component carrier of WP3. i2m will also contribute to the evaluation of the test results of component carrier on the roller test bench.

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“CEVOLVER will pave the way that rightsizing of EVs as such will become the new paradigm for the design of new EVs”