Connectivity interface for simulation by Antonio Sciaretta (IFPEN)

Within the CEVOLVER project an important role is played by advanced strategies that operate testing the prototype demonstrators using connectivity as sources of real time information.

The results of the discussions between the partners are available. In short we can say that the advanced features such as optimal thermal management, eco-routing with assured charging functionality, and eco-driving will rely on connectivity to improve, on one hand, the energy consumption (that will impact the vehicle range), and on the other hand, increase user confidence in electric vehicles. A Communication Control Unit (CCU) and a tablet will provide to the demonstration vehicle(s) the ability to connect to a cloud infrastructure or to Vehicle-to-X (V2X) systems. Another conclusion is that the

cloud infrastructure is composed of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) cloud and a brand-independent (BI) cloud that is designed for the project. We can also state that the different connectivity architectures that can be employed by the demonstration vehicles are established.

An extra benefit of working on this topic is that it has allowed discussing the connectivity limitations and the solutions to support the CEVOLVER features to be developed. The first list of required signals has been formulated and will evolve during the project.

The complete report can be found here. A simplified version of the connectivity architecture agreed on is sketched in the figure.