Analysis of Electric vehicle design and travel based on long trip capabilities

27 April 2020

Proceedings of 8th Transport Research Arena TRA 2020, 27-30 April  2020, Helsinki Finland

Authors: Henrick Brandes, Ian Faye, Volker Döge


Rethinking electric mobility in terms of pure driving range versus long-trip capabilities is the motivation for this
paper. An analysis of battery sizing compared to charging power is carried out in terms of additional time needed
to execute a long distance trip with an electric vehicle based on standard consumption, battery size, charging power
and limitations due the battery C-rate. The goal is to identify the smallest suitable battery and the “sweet-spot”
concerning charging power that will still satisfy the user’s need to complete long distance trips by specific charging
stops and fast charging with sufficient power to continue the trip. At the same time, some of the limitations of
battery technology especially regarding fast charging and durability are taken into consideration. Long-trip
capability can be concluded, but also the imperative need for further research to improve fast charging capabilities
(up to 100 – 150 kW) of batteries becomes clear.