CEVOLVER & E-VOLVE Events by Christof Schernus (FEV)

In order to benefit from synergies in dissemination events and to exchange information between the projects addressing the LC-GV-01-2018 topic, the CEVOLVER project has joint the E-VOLVE project cluster. The cluster website is maintained by VUB and features links to all homepages of the cluster projects, namely CEVOLVER, ACHILES, FitGen, EVC1000, SELFIE and SYS2WHEEL.
Firstly, the CEVOLVER project was presented with a speech by Christof Schernus, FEV, during the H2020 GHOST and iModBatt project workshop on the 18th of October 2020 in San Sebastián. There was also a poster of the CEVOLVER project at this workshop, as well as for the E-VOLVE cluster and some other individual projects of the cluster.
Next, Dr. Eric Armengaud (AVL List GmbH) gave a presentation at the ICCVE Conference in Vienna on November 4-7, 2020, referring to CEVOLVER and the five other projects of the E-VOLVE Cluster as well as two further projects on the LC-GV-02-2018 call. His presentation was accompanied by a scientific paper in the proceedings that was co-authored by the technical project managers of the projects.
Christof Schernus was invited to present the E-VOLVE cluster as one of the opening keynotes of the A3PS Ecomobility conference, held in Vienna on 14-15 November 2020.


In addition, there were several posts on Twitter with the #CEVOLVER and @EVOLVEcluster hashtags, as well as on LinkedIn to spread the message about the project.
Furthermore, Mrs Stella Arapoglou will present the E-VOLVE cluster, and hence CEVOLVER, in her speech at the EARPA Spring Meeting on 4th March 2020.