03 March 2022 – Ihecobat webinar #2

On the next 3rd of March 2022 at 10:00 CET, the i-HeCoBatt project, along with other partners and related EU funded projects, will organise its second webinar on “Innovation and Industrialisation Challenges for Next-Generation EV Components” with the purpose to disseminate the achieved results and share experiences of the involved participants.

The event will be an excellent opportunity to learn from our engaging speakers (CIDETEC, CEA, MIBA) regarding the innovation and industrialisation trends and challenges for next-generation electric vehicles components. Also, other related projects, SELFIE and MULTI-MOBY, have been invited to present their results on covered topics. Joining the webinar, all attendees will have the opportunity to debate and share their common knowledge through live questions.


10:00-10:10 Opening of the event (LOMARTOV)

10:10-10:25 i-HeCoBatt project and its achievements on the next-generation EV (CIDETEC)

10:25-10:40 Simulation of battery pack thermal architectures and strategy controls towards EV impact reduction (CEA)

10:40-10:55 Components and Systems for next-generation EV (MIBA)

10:55-11:05 Questions and answers

11:05-11:20 Coffe Break

11:20-11:35 SELFIE project: SELF-sustained and Smart Battery Thermal Management Solution for Battery Electric Vehicles

11:35-11:50 MULTI-MOBY project: Safe, Secure, High Performing Multi-Passanger and Multi-Commercial Uses Affordable EVs

11:50-12:00 Questions and answers

12:00-12:10 Conclusions and closing (LOMARTOV)

Registration is available using this LINK.